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Maximum weight allowed - 20 kg
Parcel dimension restriction
- The sum of 3 sides' lengths is below 150 cm
- The longest side is below 120 cm



The maximum shipment cost before taxes are incurred is 200 Euro

There is a restriction for shipment of more than five similar items 

Prohibited Items that cannot be sent to Russia


  • Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives

  • Drugs and Illegal Substances

  • Fireworks, Pyrotechnics

  • Tobacco

  • Money

  • Jewelry

  • Perishable food 

  • Not industrially packaged food

  • Unsealed foods, perfumes, cosmetics, household chemistry

  • Unpacked bijouterie

  • Spare parts

  • Unpacked mechanical tools and fasteners

  • Perfume samples

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